Mood Diseases – Food Versus Medicine


Our obsession with drugs and also disregard for the effect of food and legal compounds on our overall wellness, notably our mental well-being.

I have been contemplating the way people and also the area of medicine are almost schizophrenic about that which we put into our bodies. We are extremely aware concerning the dangers and effects of managed medications, only partially focused on the effect of antipsychotic medication and completely oblivious about the effects of food that we consumeĀ

Prescribed medications are extremely tightly controlled but legalized alcohol, even over the counter drugs and food are all consumed with almost everybody without any crystal clear idea of that which affects our bodies and also exactly what effect it or a mix of meals stuff will probably do .

Prescription-drugs comprise minute quantities of regulated chemicals which affect our bodies and our emotional wellness. Health practitioners and pharmacists are educated to know these medication and the interaction of these medication and the way they are able to influence each other. Some medicines improve each other’s activities while other’s can cancel out each other, produce unpredictable results, and also a few combinations might be life threatening. While the managed drug interactions have been closely learned, interactions together with’normal’ food ingestion is not.

A actual example for me was a buddy that was given warfarin soon after a routine operation to continue to keep his blood . Then also took a bunch of aspirin for a headache, likely to get a hang over. The combo of these medication (and alcohol) thinned his blood to the stage at which he had been comatose and lived just through quick medical intervention.

Another example is anti-depressants and also other medication that cause constipation. Yes, even they educate you in the nice print! However, they do not advise you need to greatly boost the very regular fiber content of one’s diet to prevent the particular development of psoriasis.

Food and drugs actually stem from exactly the same or comparable origins. Medications are concentrated extracts out of plant chemical or synthetic duplicates of these kinds of chemicals. Most food-stuffs support exactly the very same substances found in drugs and lots of that haven’t yet been found out as medically useful.

Pharmaceutically expressed and patented concentrations eventually become prescription medication that are then highly regulated from the FDA in america and similar figures inside the remainder of the world. Using the exception of compounds like cannabis herbs and’exotic’ poppy vegetation, the universe of herbalists is by and large totally uncontrolled. But, pharmaceutical medicines have their own roots from herbal drugs.

My difficulty for over twenty five years has been to know the causes of mood disorders, ” the sources of depression, panic strikes, compulsive behaviors and such, mainly because I experienced by their website for decades than I really care to think whatsoever.

The field of foodstuff vs. medicine is vast, however for the purposes of the article I will pay attention to but the trick of the iceberg of’mind changing’ substances within a typical illustration of how ignorantly we plan food and its effects on our emotional wellbeing.


Let’s begin with the results of blood sugar. Higher or very low blood sugar levels have a direct effect on our overall sense of wellbeing and also our moods. An suitably substantial level of blood sugar levels makes us feel energized, more confident and generally happy. Reduced blood sugar has the opposite impact. We feel , drained, probably frustrated and famished. A bag of chips, pop, salty dinner, or sweet beverage is just a quick fix and we move on again. Overly much of a degree of blood sugar makes us hyper for a while. Taken incorrectly, in other words, within an un-refined form and with no appropriate different meals, that the sugar has been absorbed into our blood flow quickly and we feel good, but it’s likewise metabolized very fast, changed into weight gaining fat as fast and in a very short time, our blood sugar levels drop and the cycle is replicated.

Just about everybody knows of the weight-gaining results of the routine but modest regard is given to your brain / disposition swings that go along for this specific cycle. These disposition cycles actually make us believe and act irrationally. The easiest example is really the disregard for famous nutritional effects. A less common grasp of the irrational behavior that goes with this pattern is present within anger outbursts, simply feeling low or irritated or darkened, resulting in us saying and doing things we would not normally do. By the consumption of large doses of sugar we all may experience bursts of too high a degree of blood sugar which makes us hyper for a while, before we drop down back again. (Does anyone recognize the indicators of manic or depressive depression disorder here?)

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